The USB4000 is an economical, versatile spectrometer supporting thousands of applications. Its 3648-element CCD array detector and powerful high-speed electronics provide an high spectral response and optical resolution in a single package. The result is a compact, flexible system, with no moving parts, that’s easily integrated as an OEM component

Modular – covers the 200-1100 nm range and connects to light sources, cuvettes and other accessories

  • Convenient – ideal for embedding into OEM devices
  • Portable – fiber optic-based spectrometer you can bring to the sample
  • Compatible – triggering functions synchronize the spectrometer to other devices
Engineering Specifications USB4000
Dimensions: 89.1 mm x 63.3 mm x 34.4 mm
Weight: 190 g
Detector: Toshiba TCD1304AP (3648-element linear silicon CCD array)
Detector range: 200-1100 nm
Pixels: 3648 pixels
Pixel size: 8 µm x 200 µm
Pixel well depth: 100,000 electrons
Optical resolution: ~0.1-10.0 nm FWHM (configuration dependent)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 300:1 (full signal)
A/D resolution: 16 bit
Dark noise: 50 RMS counts
Dynamic range: 3.4 x 10^6 (system); 1300:1 for a single acquisition
Integration time: 3.8 ms – 10 seconds
Stray light: <0.05% at 600 nm; <0.10% at 435 nm
Corrected linearity: >99%
Power consumption: 250 mA @ 5 VDC
Inputs/Outputs: Yes. 8 onboard digital user programmable GPIOS
Trigger modes: 4 modes
Stobe functions: Yes
Gated delay feature: Yes
Connector: 22-pin connector

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